Version 5.08 build 456

  • Added print task list option to Remote VirtualBoss
  • Added new option to compact the database to reduce the overall file size
Version 5.08 build 449

  • Fixed new option in preferences from not turning off once turned on
Version 5.08 build 446

  • Fixed task opening issues on Gantt chart view
Version 5.08 build 445

  • Added an option to remove expired task reminders in the reminders tab of the preferences
  • You can now select multiple tasks to edit or delete by holding the ctrl or shift keys and clicking on tasks in the task manager
  • Fixed default outgoing port number when selecting "Gmail" for the email client
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a task with a reminder attached would not fully remove the reminder
Version 5.08 build 443

  • Added a new filter to the Contact Manager that now lets you display tasks for a given Job in the list
  • Added an option to edit more job details when adding a new job "on-the-fly" from the task detail screen
  • Added a new Task Reminder option to set a reminder to go off 'x' days before a task finishes
Version 5.08 build 442

  • Fixed issue that could cause database files to become larger when opening tasks, jobs, or contacts, when font/color options are enabled
  • Fixed issue that prevented task export when only 1 task was exported
Version 5.08 build 441

  • Updated Remote VirtualBoss installation and fixed default settings
  • Increased character limit for email reminder field
  • Added option to include multiple email addresses (comma separated) in email reminder field
  • Removed confirmation noise that sounded when a reminder would trigger
  • Drop down lists will now show results starting at the top of the list instead of near or at the bottom
  • New tasks will now appear in their proper color instead of waiting for the next screen refresh to occur
  • Added a options menu item to quickly get to the reminders list
  • Fixed multiple jobs and assignees lists not populating in the filters or task permission windows if they were the last tabs active
Version 5.08 build 440

  • Added options to email the Gantt chart from VirtualBoss
  • Updated sending work order emails. The command prompt window no longer flashes when sending each email
  • Fixed option to include additional contacts when sending emails. The option will now remained active or inactive when checked
  • Added a confirmation prompt when using the restore defaults options in the program preferences
Version 5.08 build 438

  • Fixed Adding and Removing Task Groups in Remote VirtualBoss
  • Disabled Reminder button in "Edit All Tasks" option to prevent possible issues in the Reminder feature
  • Remote VirtualBoss improvements
Version 5.08 build 437

  • Remote VirtualBoss has been overhauled and improved with a new interface and better options
  • March 2nd update: fixed issue with login names containing spaces
Version 5.08 build 433

  • Fixed issue with repair utility
  • Fixed issue where setting job or person filters in Remote VirtualBoss would log you off
  • Other minor improvements
Version 5.08 build 432

  • Fixed an issue with task linking with "done" tasks
  • Added new option to toggle email history records on outgoing emails
  • Changed text on some reminder windows from the word "alerts" to "reminders" for more consistency
  • Fixed issue where adding tasks to be emailed would cause the program to freeze
Version 5.08 build 431

  • Renaming or removing a database with active Reminders will no longer cause multiple windows to appear explaining that it cannot find the database when the reminders go off
Version 5.08 build 430

  • Added a new option to set a reminder to go off when a task is scheduled to finish
Version 5.08 build 429

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a reminder from the Reminder tab in the program preferences would make it so you could not set reminders for that task anymore
  • The reminder feature no longer turns itself on unnecessarily when making changes in the program preferences
  • Made refinements to the Task Reminder window interface
  • Added an option to enable or disable desktop task reminders window
  • Reminders will be removed from the active reminder list in the program preferences Reminders tab after they have triggered
  • Desktop reminder pop up window has been improved
  • Added a right-click option for Tasks to set a Reminder
Version 5.08 build 428

  • Fixed not being able to delete reminders in the Reminders tab of the program preferences
  • Added more options to the Reminder settings
  • Email addresses and other settings used for previous Reminders will be remembered and pre-filled when setting new reminders
Version 5.08 build 427

  • Task Reminder feature added! Set reminders on tasks and be alerted to when they are about to start
Version 5.08 build 422

  • Job Group Filters added to Job Manager
  • Fixed a crash when editing a Job Group name and hitting cancel
  • Filter to Groups using the AND + OR checkboxes together no longer shows duplicates for some tasks
  • Opening another task while a current task is pending changes no longer causes odd behavior
  • Fixed a minor issue where clicking on empty space while editing a task would cause the focus to jump to the next field
  • Made the company logo image preview option fit better on the screen
  • Unchecking the "Insert Company Logo" option will remove the currently selected logo from the image preview
Version 5.08 build 419

  • When deleting a user from the users list, the Requested By field is now updated to properly show the changes
  • Fixed a typo in a VBOSS settings file
  • When sending emails from VirtualBoss, the history record now appears in its own list under the "Email" tab. Existing email history records will remain in the task notes until removed by the user.
  • Options to email a single task have been removed the Email tab, but the functionality for sending single emails still exists and a button can found to perform this action in that tab
  • After adding a company logo to include on outgoing reports, a visual indicator of that logo will appear on the Email window letting you know it was added
  • Fixed many window prompts from appearing behind other windows, but still behaving as if it were the active window
  • Included ground work for new upcoming Remote VirtualBoss interface
Version 5.08 build 416

  • Fixed an issue with the basic filters on the Task Manager not being remembered after a shutdown (if that option is enabled)
  • Moved "Apply" and "Reset Filters" buttons to the right side of basic filters on Task Manager
  • Removed redundant reset filter button on the Task Manager screen
  • Changed shortcut hotkey for basic Task Manager filters to "alt+y"
  • Disabled the step to submit user infomation during VirtualBoss installation
Version 5.08 build 415

  • Job and Contact fields can now be added to the Gantt Chart view in VirtualBoss. These fields are now added to the list in Gantt Chart settings.
  • Made it so drop down lists start at the top instead of near the bottom when adding new tasks
  • Remote VirtualBoss users with restricted logins should no longer be able to create new tasks outside of their permission level. This was done to prevent new tasks from being hidden from those users directly after creating them.
Version 5.08 build 414

  • Made it so restricted login users of Remote VirtualBoss can't create new tasks that would not fit within their restricted login settings
  • Fixed missing resource file error on install for Windows 10 users
  • Added Company Name search field in Remote VirtualBoss task detail screen
  • Fixed "&" character from returning incorrect search results in Remote VirtualBoss
  • Fixed text display error for Gantt chart bar text when using "&" under certain circumstances
  • Made 'Working Days' the default choice for figuring out linked tasks start and end dates
  • Added option to edit 'Working days' and 'Calendar days' using the edit-all-tasks option
  • Fixed Remote VirtualBoss not choosing a default database to display when initially installing
  • The 'Group tasks by' section in the schedule print settings no longer gets ignored
  • Updated HTML Print format for schedules to match the newer Email layout
  • Email Subject and Body messages no longer are remembered when manually changed
  • Fixed installer from hanging when encountering previous version (unreleased issue)
  • Fixed a rapid error noise that could occur when preparing a print preview for a schedule (unreleased issue)
Version 5.08 build 412

  • Fixed Spell Checking bug that would replace existing text in a field with the last word or phrase that was spellchecked
Nov 30
Version 5.08 build 411

  • Fixed Missing Support Library error on install
  • Restrictions have been removed for sending emails from VirtualBoss. You no longer need at least one task attached.
  • Fixed Multiple Task Predecessors not being exported properly
  • Fixed minor issue with work order printouts
  • Spellchecker no longer causes the screen to flash when working
  • Fixed crash bug found in task notes field when entering information under certain circumstances
  • Fixed error noises that could be heard on the Email screen when clicking in and out of certain fields when empty
  • Added some options directly to the Email screen that were previously harder to find. Also added text to Type and Format drop menus
  • Fixed "Group Work Order Emails" option so that it functions correctly when unchecked. Added directly to Email screen
  • Renamed Remote VirtualBoss system tray icon to better match its intended purpose, and improved its usefulness when running RVB in "program mode". This allows us to hide the console window while in this mode
  • Fixed a problem where the installation would "hang" during setup (internal build problem only)
  • Fixed "Change License" window so that it can now appear on top of other windows. Previously, this window would be active, but unclickable, causing the program to appear unresponsive
  • Simplified the "Quick Add" option for adding a new job from the task detail screen
  • Added a "Total Days" number that appears on summary bars in the Gantt Chart
Sep 28
Version 5.08 build 407

  • Known Issue: A "Missing Support Library" error can occur if you are installing to a computer that has never had VirtualBoss installed before. If you are updating your existing software to this version, you should have no problem

  • Added option to disable Remote VirtualBoss system tray icon from loading on startup
  • Fix for showing Getting Started Guide and HTML preview windows within VirtualBoss on Windows 10
  • Option added to fix "zoom" effect when printing reports while display settings are set to show text and icons larger than 100%
  • Fixed an error that could appear when closing the program while the "Print" window was active
  • Fixed a typo on the print preview screen title bar
  • Updated text box while preparing work orders for previewing
  • Additional Contacts field can now be seen on exported excel sheets
Aug 12
Version 5.08 build 405

  • Fixed behavior issues with Remote VirtualBoss system tray icon
  • Added menu options to Remote VirtualBoss system tray icon
  • Job Notes can now appear on printed schedules
  • Made the default font size for lists to be a little larger
  • Fixed an error noise that occurred when using the check for upgrades option
  • Made it so lists auto-refresh when changes are made by network and Remote VirtualBoss users
  • Fixed a missing file silent error (had no visible impact) for Remote VirtualBoss
  • Made improvements to task linking in PCVB
  • Drop down lists in the filter options now use single click instead of double click
  • Fixed Job Notes being cut off (or squished) on the print preview screen
  • Normalized text for options in the printed schedule options screen
  • Task List in Remote VirtualBoss can be be sorted using primary and secondary sorts (similar to how it's done in PCVB)
  • Software autocorrects some issues found in small number of databases
  • Minor issue resolved from Email screen
  • Other misc. improvements
May 27
Version 5.08 build 402

  • Printing Schedules have been improved
  • Schedules now automatically fit the width of the page without stretching onto multiple pages. Fields that would cause the schedule to be longer than one page width are now ignored
  • Changing the page format from Portrait to Landscape will now be remembered
  • The option to print schedules using the active color profile has been improved and linked to the same option found in printed schedule settings
  • When previewing a printed schedule, the preview now appears within a bounded window with more options
May 14
Version 5.08 build 401

  • Added Basic Filter Options directly into the Task Manager screen
  • Added options to import Email settings from Microsoft Outlook
  • Removed the "Show Hidden" button from the Task Manager screen
  • Fixed some minor refresh issues for the Gantt Chart and Task Manager screen
  • Made drop down lists for new integrated basic filters longer to show more information
  • Printing Remote VirtualBoss pages from a web browser should no longer show extra HTML metadata
April 15
Version 5.08 build 397

  • When clicking on the Print Gantt Chart button, the menu now appears in a fixed place rather than where the mouse cursor was
  • Cleaned up the status change window when using hotkeys "a" and "d" to change the task status from the task manager screen
  • Re-ordered buttons of the export window to reduce accidental choice selection
  • Clicking on "Change Job #" will now open directly to the change job name window and have the previous job name highlighted for editing
  • When removing active filters, VirtualBoss will now always using the program factory defaults instead of prompting with choices
  • Fixed minor visual glitch in Remote VirtualBoss multi-select dropdown menus
  • The Filter options will now remember the last tab that was active when it was closed, instead of always defaulting to the general tab
  • Added support for very large Task ID numbers
  • If enhanced font and color options are enabled, a new prompt will appear when printing or emailing schedules or work orders. This will give you the choice to use the enhanced notes, or plain text notes.
  • Cleaned up the Schedule options interface and integrated the "additional options" window into a single window
  • Revamped the "Auto Backup" tab in system preferences. There is now one option set to back up data on shutdown. Removed options that could auto-delete backup files (for safety), and added information about location of backups and last successful backup
  • Clicking into a data cell on any list in VirtualBoss will no longer cause the text to appear slightly bigger for the selected cell
Feb 26
Version 5.08 build 394

  • PC VirtualBoss Updates
  • Fixed bug with entering license number if the trial mode has expired
  • Fixed bug with printed schedules
  • Using the right-click option to email all tasks for a contact, the contact name will now appear in the "to" field instead of appearing blank
  • Using the right-click option to email all tasks for a job, the "to" field will now display the "Assigned Contacts" option instead of being blank
  • Using the right-click option to email a single task, the assigned contact name will now appear in the "to" field instead of appearing blank
  • Column widths will now remember their assigned width even after the program has restarted. They will no longer automatically resize based on visible content (this behavior can be restored with a new preference option)
  • When removing a phone type in a contact record, there are new options for re-assigning phone numbers to a new phone type
  • Fixed visual glitch in the Filter Options when clicking on drop down menus that could cause the input fields to relocate
  • Replaced "Restore Default Gantt Chart Settings" button on the Gantt Chart with a "Restore Default Filters" button
  • The Job Progress line will now update on the Gantt Chart without having to refresh if the first or last task has been updated
  • Gantt Chart column widths will now be remembered when resized manually
  • Changing the status of a task to done on the Gantt Chart will now hide the task instead of making it look blank until a refresh
  • The color of a task will change without a refresh if its contact or job is changed (and the appropriate color scheme is active)
  • Made improvements to task bar dragging, making it harder to accidentally give it a zero day duration
  • When restoring default filter settings, we removed the prompt that asked to choose which defaults to use - factory settings or user defined. It now always uses factory settings
  • Added a right-click option to remove task links from a single task
  • Remote VirtualBoss Updates
  • Many interface and option improvements have been added to Remote VirtualBoss
  • Font size and buttons have been normalized throughout Remote VirtualBoss
  • Button icons have been added/improved
  • Many actions that once required opening a new window, are now accomplished with prompts or drop down options
  • Buttons have been added for the Gantt Chart and Calendar views, making it easier to switch to those views from any page
  • Easier task linking has been integrated into the task detail page
  • Fixed an issue for adding/removing task links under certain conditions
  • Task, Contact, and Job group options, have been integrated into the detail pages
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent removing groups in Remove VirtualBoss
  • The Gantt Chart view will now properly initialize its default settings on first use
Dec 15
Version 5.08 build 390

  • Email interface has received many changes and updates in efforts to improve the experience for all users. The new interface more closely resembles a more traditional email layout
  • A few updates were applied to the filter options interface
  • Moved "save filters after shutdown" and "Auto apply task filters" options to the program preferences
  • Updated "Automatic Task #s" option. This action now defaults to the current sort of your list when creating task numbers for a schedule
  • Moved "showing x of y tasks" information into the window title
  • Added new options to show when tasks are being hidden on your task list. A button will now appear letting you show hidden tasks, or hide them again. Hidden tasks usually consist of 'done' or 'template job' tasks
  • Done and template job tasks will now appear in italics on your task list in order to differentiate them from active tasks
  • Changed "Save as Profile" and "Load Profile" filter buttons to just say "Save Filters" and "Load Filters" respectively
  • Simplified the Save Filters process with a few less screens to navigate through
Oct 27
Version 5.08 build 385

  • Fixed an error window that could appear when double-clicking on the title bar of the Gantt Chart when the page is partly scrolled down
  • Reverted a window change introduced in build 384. Program windows are once again restricted to the boundaries of the main program window
  • Fixed an error noise that could be heard when deleting a task on the Task List screen
  • You can now view the description of the task under the "Follows Task" column instead of the ID number. There is a new option under the "Scheduling" tab in preferences to let you switch back to showing the ID number in this column
  • Custom Subject and Body message fields will once again appear when sending emails using Outlook
Oct 20
Version 5.08 build 384

  • Simplified and improved the email settings tab for the built-in VirtualBoss email client
  • Fixed issue with Remote VirtualBoss Group Filters
  • Fixed some issues in databases with high number of task links
  • Fixed font changing issue with scheduled report title
  • Updated Scheduling tab in program preferences with easier to understand options and better layout
  • Moved Remote VirtualBoss interface to its own tab in program preferences
  • Updated Predefined task list with better logic and interface features
  • Changed default font size for Gantt Chart ruler, column, and title
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the auto create task #s option
  • Simplified and improved the message box that appears when restoring from a backup
  • Software registration has been simplified, with many redundant message boxes removed
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some installations to "de-register"
  • Auto Link task option has been changed to be much easier to use
  • You can now select multiple tasks at once on the Task Manager screen (hold shift or control keys)
Sep 8
Version 5.08 build 380

  • Fixed an issue that prevented new tasks added while on the Gantt chart view to not show up until the screen was refreshed
  • Added a button on Remote VirtualBoss Gantt chart view to scroll to today's date
  • Minor updates to Remote VirtualBoss
Aug 26
Version 5.08 build 378

  • Changed some default behavior of the Print/Email/Fax windows to make things more consistant
  • Subject and Body message fields are now useable when emailing schedules
Aug 25
Version 5.08 build 377

  • Interface improvements and bug fixes for Print/Email/Fax
  • History of sent emails in notes section now defaults to 'off'
Jul 14
Version 5.08 build 376

  • Added the ability to change the font and text size of the Task, Contact, and Job Manager lists
  • Added a right-click option to change the font and text size of the Task, Contact, and Job Manager lists
  • Added a right-click option to edit the Requested By list in the task detail screen
  • Added easier to use options in Print and Email windows for Print/Email/Fax to select tasks
  • Normalized font for some tabs in Contact Manager
  • Updated interface for Print and Email windows in Print/Email/Fax section
  • Updated memorized filters options
  • Updated basic and advanced views for the Filter Options window
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't show color when sending HTML schedules
  • Fixed a refresh glitch that wouldn't show the updates to task links on the Gantt Chart view
  • Fixed a refresh glitch where a task wouldn't show its new color until the screen refreshed
  • Fixed a visual glitch that caused some text to become bold when selected in the Filter Options window
  • Fixed a bug in the Contact Manager that could cause VirtualBoss to shutdown when adding a group
  • Fixed an email bug where HTML would appear in the notes section that is not supposed to be visible
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow sending emails to Outlook and cause an 'unknown error' to occur
May 28
Version 5.08 build 369

  • New Print/Email/Fax interface has been added. This replaces the 'wizard' style interface introduced recently with a more convenient 'single-window' aesthetic
  • Updated HTML Schedule format. Column headers and data no longer wrap, providing a more uniform look to emailed schedules using the HTML format. This eliminates the need to mess around with "width %" to make the columns size up correctly.
  • Advanced tooltips have been added to the Gantt Chart view in Remote VirtualBoss. Hovering over a task bar will display much more information about that task
  • Added a preview window to the Print section so you can see what tasks will be printed before you hit print
  • Added subject and body message options to the Email section so you can customize these messages on outgoing Emails
  • Updated 'missing job owner email address' window with a more uniform look
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't allow you to expand the 'Network' folder when browsing for a network database to open. This occured if the software was already opening a network database
  • Fixed some windows where option text could become bolded when checked
  • Changed 'Email Settings...' button text to better match its intended use
Apr 29
Version 5.08 build 367

  • Significant speed improvements have been implemented to address "sluggish" performance for network users
  • Fixed an install bug that would cause an error near the end of the software installation for "Apache.exe"
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Emailed work orders to be "empty" for new installs
  • Added options to print the Gantt Chart to one page. These new options appear when you click on "Print Gantt Chart" from the Gantt Chart screen
  • Updated date picker calendars to replace older variants
  • When dragging and dropping a task bar on the Gantt Chart, the default action is to now change the start date or duration
  • Added new right-click menu options for changing the font and color of the Title, Ruler, and Column text, of the Gantt Chart
  • The Gantt Chart no longer refreshes when changing the font or color for the Title, Ruler, and Column text
  • Removed a few redundant choices from the Gantt Chart right-click menu to help reduce clutter
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Apply" action to trigger when using the Next or Previous buttons on the Task Detail Screen
  • Added a blinking cursor effect to some input fields on the Task Detail Screen that previously didn't blink
  • Fixed some error noises that could be heard right after installation of VirtualBoss finished
  • Fixed a typo in the printing tab of the Gantt Chart Settings (8.5x10 changed to 8.5x11 paper size)
Apr 02
Version 5.08 build 361

  • Updated Remote VirtualBoss drop down lists to show all jobs and contacts when adding or editing a task
  • The filter options on Remote VirtualBoss can now be toggled on and off and will remember that state when reloading the page
  • In Remote VirtualBoss, using the search boxes to find contacts and jobs will now cause the results to disappear when clicking a result
  • In PC VirtualBoss, the export window has been updated and the logic to create an auto-export has been improved
Mar 25
Version 5.08 build 360

  • More modern looking (and accurate) progress indicators have been added
  • IIS compatibility improvements have been added to Remote VirtualBoss
  • Fixed compatility issues with newer versions of Windows Task Scheduler. Auto Exports should now function as expected
  • You no longer see the "skipping files" message during the software installation
  • Added justification, color, and font size icons to the task notes field when font and color options are enabled
Mar 17
Version 5.08 build 359

  • Updated Print/Email/Fax with new changes
  • Updated Remote VirtualBoss interface to be more consistent
  • Fixed bug in file attachments tab where clicking "locate" would not find the file
  • Many window updates for visual improvement
  • Added more icons to options in Print/Email/Fax for visual improvement
  • Choosing a job or contact in Print/Email/Fax lists will now be sorted by previously checked items
  • Made buttons more consistent width relative to one another
  • Updated Printed Schedule options to be more condensed and easier to navigate through
  • Added shortcuts to get to Work Order and Schedule options windows. Can be found under the Options menu
  • Changed "edit options" links to be buttons for easier identification in Print/Email/Fax
  • Updated wording in various Print/Email/Fax screens with better descriptions of what the options do
  • Introduced new right-click context menu throughout VirtualBoss.
  • Added an option during software install to include Remote VirtualBoss (previously, it was installed by default)
  • Removed constant warning message from Work Order options window that warned of page width exceeding one page
  • Condensed other dialog messages to be more descriptive with less wording
  • Spell checking is now disabled by default
  • Added text editing options directly into the notes field to provide quick formatting of text. More will be added in the next build
  • Cut/Copy/Paste options can now be found in the same right-click context menu as the font and color settings
Jan 30
Version 5.08 build 355
Download 5.08.355

  • Changed a few default font settings for the Gantt Chart view for better readability
  • Added a new program and backup icon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused text to become bolded when tabbing out of a field that had drop down options.
  • Some windows throughout the program have been updated with new text and icons.
  • New print and email icons have been added to the print/email/fax dialog screens.
  • Fixed some odd behavior when clicking in white space on some screens.
  • Added some smart functionality to the Task Manager that should reduce the number of unnecessary save triggers.
Jan 13
Version 5.08 build 351
Download 5.08.351

  • Further improvements to Print/Email/Fax section.
  • Email & Fax tab of the Task Detail screen has been updated. It is now called "Email" and focuses on sending emails for that task. Faxing options have been removed from this tab.
Dec 16
Version 5.08 build 349
Download 5.08.349

  • Work Order options page has been updated and new options have been added.
  • Fixed bug that caused the apply option to not trigger when changing the auto-backup location.
  • Updated text on some buttons to better reflect their actions.
  • Added many new options to the Remote VirtualBoss Gantt Chart view.
  • Fixed a problem with the Remote VirtualBoss Calendar view not loading.
  • Print/Email/Fax received many updates to improve sending emails.
  • Line Breaks and character format is now preserved on printed reports with Standard and HTML formats.
  • Many fields have had their character limit greatly increased (Job Site Notes, Directions to Job Site, Ect...)
  • Custom fields and Lists should now be enabled by default.
  • Automatic task # guessing is now "off" by default.
  • Columns should now save their new position and size as soon as they are changed.
  • Fixed a few bugs on the "Edit all tasks" window that would cause unexpected results if adding new items "on-the-fly" from that window.
  • Fixed bug when using Standard email format that would cause line breaks to appear as %ENTER%.
  • Target Start field in Remote VirtualBoss Gantt Chart view now displays as the actual field name set in PC VirtualBoss.
  • New email icon added to some windows.
  • Print/Email/Fax now has a summary list so you can see who will be receiving emails you are about to send.
  • Updated many windows with text for better explanations.
  • Fixed issue with the Job # field not correectly reflecting in the subject body of the email when using Standard formatting.
  • When using Standard formatting, there is no longer an unused gap of space on each page after the first page.
Oct 23
Version 5.08 build 346
Download 5.08.346

  • Gantt Chart View for Remote VirtualBoss has been added!
  • Current Primary and Secondary sort columns now have their header highlighted in order to stand out more.
  • The Task ID column is now hidden by default. This should help reduce confusion and mixup with the Task # field. (should not affect current users if the field is set to show already)
  • "Restore Default Filters" button has been renamed. It is now called "Show all tasks" (Remove active filters)
  • Reverted slide-out menu for color options in the right-click menu back to its original functionality.
  • Fixed a problem where using a custom Gantt Chart header would cause the filters label to print on the report, even if set to off.
  • Many window updates and refinements.

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