11/16/2015: We are currently working on updating these videos to improve the quality and subject matter. These videos are quite old and may no longer be useful for newer versions of the software. Please see our Getting Started Guide for the most up to date information and useful tips!

Basic Training Video

This is an extremely basic getting started video that will go over how to create a job and start building your first schedule. This is the 1st of many training videos that will be created to help new and existing users become more familiar with their software!

Backup and Restore a Database

Shows you the basics of backing up and restoring a database to your software.

Create a Contact and Assign to a Task

Example of how to create a contact in VirtualBoss and assigning them to a task.

Deleting a Job with its Tasks

How to delete a Job in VirtualBoss and remove its tasks.

Duplicate a Job

Duplicate a Job from an existing Job or Template.

How to use the Filter Options

This video will show you the basics of using the Filter Options.

Setting up your first Job

A great way to start building your schedule is by creating your Job first. This video will show you one way to do this.

Sending Emails from VirtualBoss

This video shows an example of how to email a work order or schedule from VirtualBoss